Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pema Chodron - Five Slogans of Machig Labdron

Want to wake up and be of service to the world?
Here are the five instructions given to Machig Labdron in the 12th century:

1)  Confess your hidden faults.
2)  Approach what you find repulsive.
3)  Help those you think you cannot help (sometimes translated as those you do not want to help).
4)  Anything you are attached to, give that.
5)  Go to the places that scare you.

Those are just the everyday, how-to-life-your-life, "relative" instructions.
The "absolute" instruction?

If you do not grasp with your mind,                                                                                                         you will find a fresh state of being.

Dearest Pema,
Thanks for giving me plenty to work with in the New Year.  I am grateful.  And a tiny bit overwhelmed. Your friend and great admirer,


  1. hi i share being most of the things you say you are, minus the cancer presently. but we all have our mountains to climb. I wanted to find pema's 5 slogans that I listened to her speak about on her cd, and google turned me to you. i need that slogan tonight: those you don't think you can or don't want to help---help them. i've been meditating on that one a lot lately. it's probably the one that has helped me the most (which speaks to the root of my present challenge).
    thanks for providing it! I am grateful to YOU. all the best best best luck, sincerely, bllu

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