Friday, January 14, 2011

Liquid Sunshine

I finally talked to my oncologist Dr T on the phone yesterday. (He is usually very good about getting back to me--  this two-month delay is highly unusual and was due, I think, to three things:  1) He needed to look at the research. 2) He was visiting a daughter abroad for the holidays. 3) He is getting ready to retire in Feb.  I know-- sad news for me, because he has been such a patient, reliable, reasonable guy to work with.  Now I have to break in a brand new doctor!)

He read the journal reports on IV high-dose vitamin C (or as he consistently referred to it, ascorbic acid) and sees that they are promising.  But these studies do not constitute clinical evidence, so he cannot recommend the use of ascorbic acid as a treatment for breast cancer at this point in time.  He feels he does not have enough evidence to make a call in favor or against it.

Not a big surprise.  It was a very civil discussion.  And he does NOT object to having the Celilo Infusion Center leave my IV line intact after my monthly Zometa infusions so that I can go somewhere else that same day and receive an infusion of vitamin C!  Dr T will write up an order indicating the same.  So that is good news.

I meet with Joan Laurance, a local naturopath, who believes she can help with the infusions once she gets the protocol information from Dr. Standish at Bastyr.  So.  Onward!  This may not happen til Feb, but I think its gonna happen.

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