Saturday, January 29, 2011

Commit to Sit

commit to sit 1Here's How To Do It.

Tricycle magazine is partnering up with Sharon Salzburg this year to once again offer guidance for a DIY mini-meditation retreat at home.  Think of it as an invitation to get started (or re-started) on a daily practice.

Yeah.   I think I'm gonna go for it.  For cryin' out loud, commitment is so hard for me to muster these days!  But what the hell, after all, last night after two weeks of foot dragging (and smelly dog-sitting) I finally cleaned my damn carpets...  Who knows what I may be capable of!

Here's another link this year's 28-Day Meditation Challenge.  You do not have to buy anything.  Just show up.  Easier said than done, my friends, and don't I know it!

Maybe I'll see you on the online cushion?

PS:  I also stole this image from Tricycle's blog.  Just too beautiful to pass up.  May it inspire you as well.

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