Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dr's Orders, Y'all:


Just a short note to let you all know that I talked to my oncologist this morning and the CT scan that was such a bummer last week has rendered EXCELLENT results:  It looks like the ARIMEDEX IS WORKING!  HOORAY!!  More later, I gotta go celebrate.  I humbly suggest you do the same:  Whatever you love to do, go do a bit of it today.  Dr's orders.


  1. now THAT is goooooood news. I think I will open that bottle of 1982 St. Julien Bordeaux that I've been storing in my cave!

  2. Thanks for calling me this AM with the GREAT news! I am over the moon with your good news!
    Now this is more like it! Enjoy your feeling better. Celebrate.

  3. Yippee Skippy. Such good news and so happy I saw it on my school computer so I could be happy all day! I hope you really enjoyed the day. love, mandy