Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bon Jour, Indeed

I am back from the hospital early because my chest x-ray confirmed what I have been feeling the last few days--  my breath is much easier meaning there is less fluid in my pleura than there had been...  It is not all gone, there is still  what Dr Moon called a "moderate amount", which is less than there had been, so he gave me the choice:  I could choose NOT to do the procedure TODAY. Of course, if the fluid builds back up again, it may still have to be done. And no telling if that might happen in a week or a month or-- who knows?-- it could be that the hormone drugs/hippy supplements are kicking in and allowing my lymph system to drain more normally. We don't know. But, according to Dr Moon I do not lose anything by waiting to see what happens.  They can fit me in pretty quickly and easily if I need it done in the future...

SO. I am willing to wait and see. (After all when I talked to Dr Moon last week, while he would not promise me not to nick my lung during this procedure he did concur that one could not rule out a miracle happening which would preclude my even having to have the surgery in the first place.) At any rate, this is the first indication of any of my current cancer-related conditions reversing itself, so that has got to be good news.

Plus-- now they are willing to tell me-- there would have been "some discomfort" for the first few days while one's body gets used to having a plastic tube sticking out of it... Now I get to enjoy my mom and her twin sister my Aunt Marian's special birthday celebration (10-10-10!) with the good cousins and the trip to the coast with my sisters without having to hassle with that extra appendage -- and I get to breathe, too!

Lori, Gale and I celebrated by skedaddling out of the hospital and eating breakfast at "le Petite Provence" in The Dalles.  (I couldn't help but think about my friend many miles and a world away on the streets of Paris as of today... )  But truly I could not have been happier with my double-short americano and croissant in this tiny little faux-french, truly provincial cafe on another beautiful fall day in the 'hood.  Better then a sharp stick in the lung.  Take it from someone who knows...


  1. Glad that you will be tube free for our visit to the coast. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and all the cousins on Saturday!

  2. mmmm sounds good. i haven't had a croissant yet, maybe tomorrow. hope you are having a good day. happy birthday Marion and Helen!

  3. Such happy news, Althea! Hope the coast trip is delightful.
    - Kerry