Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scientific Proof!

Thanks to my old friend Berkley Lynch who posted this on Facebook, here it is, straight from the Science Daily mouth:

Being 'Mindful' Can Neutralize Fears of Death and Dying

My favorite quote:
"If mindful people are more willing to explore whatever happens in the present, even if it uncomfortable, will they show less defensiveness when their sense of self is threatened by a confrontation with their own mortality?   
In this laboratory staged battle, mindfulness alters the power that death holds over us." 
Now, how do we get the medical establishment in on this secret?  Imagine if mindfulness was as common in cancer treatment centers, doctors' offices and hospitals as the number of times a patient's "vital signs" are taken?  Even if just the medical professionals themselves had mindfulness training, how would that change things?  The mind boggles.  But it can do so much more!

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