Saturday, December 11, 2010

If It Be Your Will

“... songs are just the response to what struck me as beauty, whether they were a curious emanation from a being or an object or a situation or a landscape. That had a very powerful effect on me, as it does on everyone and I prayed to have some response to the things that were so clearly beautiful to me. And there were a lot.”   
 Leonard Cohen 
I got to spend An Evening with Leonard Cohen when he came to Portland this week.  I was SO GLAD to be there.  It was performance as prayer, as poetry.  It was a gift, and the giver had such humility and gratitude, such a remarkable sense of presence.  I would like to thank the universe for giving us Leonard Cohen, and thank Leonard Cohen for having the strength and grace to pass his gifts on to us.

76 years old, and still giving it all away on stage.  What an inspiration. "Ring the bells that still can ring."

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  1. Althea-
    What lovely music! Must have been a sweet evening.
    Glad you and Lori got to go.